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Boat on beach

French Polynesia's remote Tuamotu Islands number 78 in total, making them the largest of the Tahiti-Polynesian archipelagoes.

Known as the Tuamotu chain, these tropical and sparsely inhabited islands are in fact atolls- their sum total comprising the world's largest chain of atolls. Covering huge distances of the South Pacific sea, the total population of the 41 inhabited islands is only a mere 12,500 persons or so.

The Islands are not a common destination for travelers due to their remoteness and lack of a developed tourism industry. Dive with Blue Nui...

This makes them very interesting to visit for people who want a true remote Pacific island experience!
When tourists and travelers due journey to these islands, they usually come to dive, to slow down the pace of their lives, or are associated with one of the local businesses.

This site primarily covers travel and tourism information for the 4 most traveled islands: Rangiroa, being the Tuamotu's largest tourist destination, followed by Manihi, Tikehau, and in recent years Fakarava.

As with our other island sites, TST has attempted to organize it's Tuamotu Island categories of activities, information, and travel and tourism into an easy and friendly website browsing experience.

Have a click around to see what's what!

What to DoWhat to Do

Categories for the Tuamotu Islands activities include: 

(More ideas in What to See section)

Visit a Black Pearl FarmWhat to See

The Tuamotu Islands are packed full of Polynesian sights, smells, and sounds you'll want to experience. 3 General categories include:

Find a place to stay?Where to Stay

Comprehensive listings and details of the Tuamotu Islands

  • top quality luxury Hotels,

  • medium Range accomodations, and guesthouses and family Pensions of the Islands.

  • On a tight budget or want to go camping? This page has all the pertinent information and options.

    Make plans for your stay on any of the Tuamotu Islands via DIRECT LINKS with the local proprieters.

Lots of informationAbout the Tuamotu Islands

Discover the Cultural facts and untangle the Myths of the Islands with a bank of information specific to the Tuamotu islands.
Topics include:

  • Weather, Religion, Beaches, Population, Languages, Location, and Economy among others.

  • This section also contains MAPS of the region.

How will you get around?Getting Here & Around

Here's a few travel choices and details:

Travel choices and details

Sail around the islands!Sailing, Charter Boats, & Marine info.

Get the details of the legendary Sailing and Private Boat Charter opportunities of French Polynesia and find out why the Tuamotu island chain is one of the most interesting sailing destinations in Tahiti-Polynesia.

  • Charter a Sailboat via The Moorings or choose from the finest in Private Boat Charter tour and vacation options with Tahiti Polynesia's most experienced guides and open water specialists.

All the basics are here...Tahiti News & General Information

Current news and information pertaining to ALL ISLANDS of Tahiti Polynesia.

General info & the basics:

All the basics are here...TSTN Travel Tips

Specialized tips on traveling to Tahiti and her surrounding islands includes:

In order to improve this section for all, WE LOVE TO HEAR PUBLIC INPUT!

TSTN Business Central

HOMEBASE for the Tahiti Sun Travel Network business section includes:

This Site IS Your Complete Guide to the Tuamotu-islands.

Discover the Other Islands of
Discover French Polynesia!
An Internetwork of Travel & Tourism Guides
for the Main Islands of Tahiti Polynesia.


An interactive bulletin board covering a diverse array of Tahitian subjects.

Ask questions, get advice, meet people, be crazy!

It's fun, easy, and informative!

Discover the
Tahiti of Yesteryear
132 black and white photographs of Tahiti, Bora bora, Moorea, Huahine, and Taha'a in 1957

...BEFORE The Bounty movie, before the tour boats, before the commercialism...

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The Society Islands are the perfect setting for the ultimate in romantic getaways for newlyweds or newly found romances.
Popular activities include Tahitian weddings and renewing wedding vows using interesting traditional Tahitian methods.

honeymooners on beach

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